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We have rebranded!

A new look that reflects our future plans

We are excited to tell you that we have refreshed our branding to better reflect who we are.

Over recent years we’ve evolved as a company and we thought it was time our logo did too. We felt that the time had come to update our look to a more modern design, while keeping in-line with our values and mission.

Introducing our new logo:

Logo Hostrina Kenya

Even though we have maintained a green earth (our main color since 2015), in this new version the colors are a bit brighter. Also, adding 3 colors to the favicon gives a deeper dimension to the letter, accentuating the modernity of the logo and creating a sensation of depth. We’ve also kept the matching color in the word Hostrina in the logo as it is part of our identity.

We have two new fonts (Futura and Canela) that help create the modern look we were going for.  This new logo, also allows us to have a more visual presence, since it makes it easier to identify the brand faster, even in smaller sizes.

We might be changing the logo, but our values remain the same and are represented with these two words. Innovation, commitment, results, digital execution, global support, talent… all of these mean we go beyond consulting with each of our clients.

What do you think of our new logo? We hope you like is as much as we do!

What’s new?

  • Logo
  • Invoice design
  •  Organization name Change From Ridenarland Net Agencies to Hostrina Kenya
  • Hostrina Kenya  website From www.rnahost.uk to (www.hostrina.com) and {www.hostrina.co.ke}
  • Internal company reorganization (new departments, new services, new procedures)
  •  Moving to a beautiful office and having a new address
  • Addition of new staff members
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