What Indeed is Web Hosting Reseller?

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What Indeed is Web Hosting Reseller?

Hostrina Kenya has the needed web hosting reseller industry experience to aid you to launch your very own personal hosting company and offer full-featured web hosting plans to your own customers. Hostrina Kenya’s Free Reseller Program can be used by anyone, regardless of their level of computer literacy, and does not require you to own any special or expensive PC equipment.

Hostrina Kenya’s completely automated system handles all the work for you. Just configure your online storefront, choose a web site theme and choose what hosting plans you desire to offer. You can also set up unique custom-made plans, set your own prices and choose from among different currencies. The difference between your retail price and the company’s wholesale price for each web hosting package sold will be your net profit.

All hosting packages include an intuitive multilingual hosting Control Panel, which has all the tools that your clients will require to administer their sites. Hostrina Kenya provides you with free-of-cost site building tools to make the web hosting plans even more seductive. Along with the shared hosting plans, you can offer more than 1000 domain extensions and trusted SSL certificates, as well as more powerful web hosting solutions such as Virtual Private Servers and dedicated hosting servers. Sign up now and start your private label web hosting business, completely risk-free, in no more than ten mins!

Your anonymity as a reseller is ensured

Hostrina Kenya will be with you the whole time, ready to help you out if you need advice or assistance, so open an account right now!

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